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    Fall 2021 Registration Open - closing 8/21 and teams will be picked
    Please note that registration for the fall season is open.

    Note that the Town of Orangetown charges the league a surcharge for every registrant who is a non-resident. We have just absorbed this fee in the past, but we will need to charge this to non-residents from 2021 forward.

    Thank you all and looking forward to another great fall season!

    Quotes from our supporters:

    "Little Bucs Gridiron Football League provides a great opportunity for the youth of Orangetown to enjoy the game of flag football, but also to learn its basic fundamental concepts at a grass roots level. The game can be a great tool to enable the development of character as well. Values such as teamwork, setting goals, perseverance and even leadership can be crafted through the football experience, but equally it can provide a fun, physical fitness activity for our youth to enjoy. Football is a team game, and through the experience comes the opportunity to learn how to work with others, how to be a good teammate and the reward that comes from team achievement. I wish the Little Bucs Football League tremendous success."

    - Brian Gaine, Buffallo Bills

    "As a coach with over 20 years of experience in coaching football from Pop Warner to Varsity football, I am very excited to hear about the formation of the new Little Bucs Flag Football League sponsored by the NFL Flag Football program. Football is the ultimate team sport that will teach young children valuable life lessons at an early age. The thing that stands out to me is that the Little Bucs are prioritizing providing a great football experience in a safe environment. To do this, you need properly trained coaches and the partnership of the Little Bucs with the NFL Flag program and USA football will provide that. I look forward to seeing this program grow from its inaugural season to many years of teaching our children the great game of football."

    - Bob Syracuse, Pearl River Alumnus, Former PR Varsity Assistant Coach and Orangetown Patriots President, Current Nanuet Varsity Assistant Coach

    "We are very excited about the NFL Sponsored Little Bucs Flag Football League coming to our area. Boys and girls will learn the fundamentals and basic skills of the game in a safe, fun environment. The Little Bucs Flag Football League gives all children an opportunity to participate in the great game of football, which is a huge positive for our sport. We look forward to the partnership between the Pearl River High School Football Program and the Little Bucs. Go Little Bucs!"

    - Michael Oliva, Head Football Coach and Head Baseball Coach, Pearl River High School

    "Football has played an integral part in shaping who I am both personally and professionally. It taught me at an early age the benefits of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship. In a time where the sport we love has come under scrutiny, it's extremely important to find youth leagues and coaches that are dedicated to fostering core values in an safe and healthy setting. NFL Flag Football and USA Football have a fantastic reputation for training coaches and gives them the tools necessary for creating a fun, positive, and safe learning environment for all children. Little Bucs Flag Football offers children from our communities the opportunity to be a part of an exceptional organization and learn the skills necessary to be successful both on and off the field."

    -Scott Saunders, Pearl River Alumnus, Head Baseball Coach, Byram Hills High School, Assistant Football Coach, Clarkstown South