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Posted Jul 31, 2015


  • Our league is named the “Little Bucs” as a nickname for the Buccaneers, a hybrid of the Pearl River Pirates and Tappan Zee Dutchmen, of Orangetown.  We serve Orangetown and surrounding towns such as Nanuet and West Nyack.
  • We are an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity corporation, and all coaches and organizers are volunteers.
  • We play our games at South Orangetown Little League.  There are no "travel" games.
  • The eligible ages shall be from 5-13 (as of Dec. 31st).
  • We will be playing a fun, fast paced, NFL Flag style of football, with Zero Contact, 5 on 5, all players eligible for passes.
  • There is a center that snaps the ball and then becomes an eligible receiver.
  • There is one pass rusher allowed and there is no time count before rushing, but they must start 7 yards back from the line of scrimmage.
  • There is NO contact - If there is a fumble, the ball is immediatly ruled dead.
  • There is NO blocking or obstructing a player from grabbing a flag from the ball carrier.
  • There is NO swatting at the quarterback; the rusher tries to grab the quarterback’s flag for a sack.
  • for more information.
  • The league is for both boys and girls. While it is not a traditional sport for girls, this style of play is perfect for co-ed.
  • We keep score, but the fundamentals will be stressed rather than wins and losses.
  • The games shall be 1 hour, and there is a 40 minute running clock. We shall stretch and have a quick practice in the initial 20 minutes before the games.
  • Included in the one-time fee - a great quality reversible NFL official jersey as well as player insurance through the NFL (sign up required during the registration process).
  • There is no volunteer deposit or fundraiser fee. If you want to volunteer, thank you. If you can’t or don’t want to, that’s fine too.
  • All players need to bring are any style rubber soled cleats, a mouthpiece, and preferably shorts or sweatpants with no pockets (so the pockets don’t get grabbed when reaching for a flag).
  • The players may pick any NFL team jersey (no matter what team they are on) that they like during registration
  • The jersey is reversible, so if you are home, the dark side is on the outside, if away, the light side…
  • The coaches shall be supported by local school district staffs, and shall be volunteers consisting of parents, current/former players, and others in the community that wish to do so.
  • All coaches and referees shall be required to complete background checks as applicable (over 18).
  • The safety of your children shall be of our utmost concern.